Animal Health Products

The rapid development of shrimp farming, the environment tends worsening, and the outbreak of diseases have resulted in lower success rate and seriously affected the further development of the shrimp industry in Southeast Asia.

To response the call of food safety improvement, and sustainable aquaculture development, Sheng Long (Vietnam), by independent development and magnate cooperation has presented a series of superior animal health products after numerous verification down in the fields. Linking with Thang Long Smart System, they would surely propose an aquaculture solution at higher safety level to the farmers.

  • Provide a total solution to farmers covering quality seeds - culture model - water management - disease control – feeding management.
  • Continuously upgrade service and technology to help farmers with better returns.
  • Form a professional service team and provide outstanding products and services to enhance competitiveness. By service to become market-driven, and by farmer profitability to build company influence.
  • Service is fundamental of Sheng Long, so we shall aim at delicacy in service details, professionalization in service association, and qualification in service personnel.