Hisenor Vietnam Aquatic Breeding Co., Ltd, a 3.5 million USD investment, a modern hatchery of Sheng Long Biotech (Vietnam) was established in Ninh Thuan province with the annual capacity of 3 billion SPF Vannamei and Monodon PL’s.

In cooperation with an experienced foreign team, Hisenor Vietnam Aquatic Breeding Co., Ltd has developed an advanced production process to suit the Vietnamese culture environment uniquely. The hatchery complies with biosecurity requirements, uses imported SPF Brood stock, and feeds SPF blood worm only. We guarantee that no Antibiotic is used during the entire hatchery operation. Besides, quality Algae-Artemia mixture and nutrition enhanced Rotifers would be fed to PL for health invigoration. Still, the PLs need to pass 14 quality tests before dispatching into the market. All the strict protocols above have endowed the PLs from Hisenor hatchery characteristics of specific pathogens free, high-stress resistance, strong disease resistance and rapid growth.

The extraordinary advantages of Hisenor production system include

  • Latest Ozone disinfection and ultra-filtration system are adopted to ensure the cleanliness and stability of water used in PL production.
  • Import SPF broodstocks are used and SPF blood worms are fed to block EMS and EHP pathogen.
  • Lighting control is utilized in broodstock routine management, PL hatching, and maturation to stabilize the control the standard process.
  • Large volume nursery tank is used to standardize the larva quality and management.
  • High-density clean algae culture system is equipped to supply quality algae for post larva.Strict temperature control, high quality artificial feed, abundant premium Artemia , and Rotifer for nutrition enhancement are applied  to produce best PL 8 in 16 days.
  • Strict quality control and PCR test is launched to ensure PL quality.
  • With all the advantages mentioned above, we can assure that every post larva (L. Vannamei or P. Monodon) to be produced from Hisenor is featured in rapid growth, strong disease resistance, uniform size and best choice for your success.