Sheng Long Bio-Tech (Vietnam)

Sheng Long, a subsidiary of Haid Group, has inherited Haid’s philosophy –of “The greatness of an ocean comes from the ability to hold hundreds of rivers”. We aim to provide superior service, to help farmers maximize profitability and create value for our clients. Through trials and diligence, we strived and keep striving to realize our glorious goal-- a Sheng Long of professionalization, technicalization, servitization and internationalization, now and hereafter.

Sheng Long Bio-tech International Co., Ltd is a 100% foreign-owned investment Company, which mainly engaged in manufacturing and sales of aquatic feed, aquatic breeding, and animal health products.

As revolutionized in 2011 with a rebuilt team, quality, brand and channels, Sheng Long has achieved in both reputation and influence with the help of trenchant tactic allocation, advanced technology R&D, premium quality and excellent service.  Demands for our aquatic feed has exceeded the supply currently, resulting in a sale of aquatic feed over 500,000 tons in 2020 and bringing a leap to leading aquatic feed brand in Vietnam market.

Guang Dong Haid Group, the parent company of Sheng Long (Vietnam), is a high-tech listed enterprise based on R&D, production and sales of both aquatic and poultry feed, and forward unto the comprehensive industrial chain contains quality seeds, bio pharmacy, smart culture, and safe food. We spare no efforts in providing farmers with a service-technology integrated solution to make the culture more easy and effective.

The 2 decades of rapid development has brought over 320 subsidiaries, 3 research centers, 10 pilot test bases to HAID, adding up a total staff of over 20 thousand. Owns to its support, HAID has reached 12.3 million tons in feed sales, 6.8 billion USD in turnover, and 14 billion USD value in the capital market.

The group has accumulatively invested more than 400 million USD in HAID Research Center construction. The company has forged an R&D team of more than 1000 people in masters and Doctorate level, and established 7 professional research systems of animal genetics and breeding, animal nutrition and feed, animal medicine and biopharmaceutical, micro ecological engineering, biochemical engineering, protein engineering and healthy cultivation. It is the first-class in enterprise technology innovation and core competitiveness among the industry already.

7000 technical service engineers, professional and accessible, are ready to provide a comprehensive solution to thousands of farmers, covering prominent seeds, culture structure design, culture technical assistance, environmental improvement, disease prevention and control, market information, management technique and financial services. By then, the culture management and the profitability of the farmers will be improved in all sides. Millions of culture success has enriched farmers and backed the pattern for value increment through labor.