Research and Development

Guang Dong Haid Group, the parent company of Sheng Long, supplies powerful technologies and professional R&D team. The group now owns about 1,000 members, including nearly 500 master degree holders and 63 Doctorates in Nutrition, Microbiology, Biochemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Genetics, Aquaculture, Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Biology, and Clinical Veterinary Medicine. Together with the world’s leading equipment, large experimental culture farms and supporting scientific research bases to research on feed technologies, cultivation technologies, animal breeding & diseases control and prevention as well as to develop related products, the group has currently become one of the strongest corporate research institutions with best results in feed industry. The Sheng Long Vietnamese research base located in Soc Trang embraces 3 doctorates, 7 masters, 40 R&D personnel, 20 aquarium and 20 cages, supportive to over 120 experiments across P. Monodon, L. Vannamei, Channa Striata, Red Tilapia, and Climbing Perch throughout a year.

Under the recessionary aquatic market, increasing culture risk, declining culture success rate and diminishing farmer profit in recent years, and based on the full understanding Sheng Long grasped in the industry, specialists are hired to develop and optimize our culture technology and feed quality by giving pond design, water control, feeding management, disease control and functional feed research in 3 research bases in Ninh Thuan, Tien Giang and Soc Trang. Thang Long Smart System is launched under this background. The pioneering culture model, associating with the functional feed specialized for nursery, color improvement, WFS control and prevention, and HP care, can effectively reduce culture risk, maintain higher yield but lower cost, and assist farmers realizing the goal of successful culture and intensified profit.