Service - Oriented Marketing

Building service system and creating superior advantage from service value

  • Provide a total solution from quality seeds - farming model - water management - disease prevention & control – feeding management to farmers.
  • Continuously upgrade service ability and technology to help farmers get better returns.
  •  To form a professional service team and provide the outstanding products and services to enhance competitiveness of our products. Becoming a service-oriented enterprise to lead market trend. The more profit the farmers earns, the stronger the influence of the company in the market.
  • We aim to focus on the service details with professional team and qualification of each member as service is our core capability.

 There are 15 service centers that have been successfully operated since 2013 in southern and western of Vietnam. The feed & animal health products sales are all increasing. In addition, this also creates a platform for technology exchanges between farmers and builds up a positive reputation of company.

 In 2015, we will launch more service centers in central and north parts of Vietnam for both shrimp and fish. We also established two aqua-service centers  in Indian market.

 Our main objective now is to have a continuous improvement on service level, test Items and standardized service for each team.

 We will continuously expand our service capability, carry out more needful testing items and enhance standard and accuracy at our service centers.