27/01/2018 Annual Gala Party of 2017

Annual Gala Party of 2017


        farewell the bygone, we march to the unborn. Sheng Long Bio-Tech have ceremoniously held the Annual Gala Dinner of 2017 on Jan.27, 2018. Besides from the total staff, we have also drawn participations from many honored guests into the party. Company’s gratitude was not only presented to the hard work and industrious devotion in the pasted year, but also be raised against achieving of our goal in 2017.

   To enrich entertainment for the employees, to show talents of the staffs, and to enhance the enterprise cohesion and introversion, the company have organized the cooking competition, fashion show, singing contest and other amusement activities as former years.



Mr. Jie-cheng Chuang, General Manager of the company, have mentioned that: the feed sale of 2017 have reached 245 thousand Tons. With an achieved turnover of 210 million USD, we have 20% growth than last year. We deeply believed that 2018 will bring more and better miracles to us.

In his speech, Mr. Chuang have also expressed his sincerest thanks to the employees unremittingly devoted in their positions and the guests that firmly supported the company!

The annual dinner have not only bought joyful laughter to the fellows, but also a further approach on the heart of each.Luxury lays in the unceasing lucky draw and awarding that kept climaxes crowded. Waves that joint singing, applauses, and shouts stayed dancing everlastingly, and the atmosphere was so anxious that it jumped over and over again, just to show the gayest harmony of Sheng Long family.

We hope to pass out best wishes for a good health, a smooth job, a joyful family and a successful career to everyone in the New Year. We are also thankful to the recognition and support given by our partners and suppliers all the time. In this New Year, we will continuously pour in efforts and neoteric attitude to compose new chapters in original paces.