09 - 12/11/2017 Sheng Long Agents Conference 2017

  Sheng Long Agents Conference 2017 (Nov 9-12, 2017)

The agents conference of Sheng Long 2017 were held in Vinpearl Land, Nha Trang City on Nov.9th to 12th of the year, accompanied with the national agents and company employees up to 570 in total.

Comparing with the first conference in 2011 with attendees less than 100 and the feed production barely reached to 10 thousand tons by the time, we have currently leapt to 250 thousand- ton production within 6 years, a 23% growth than 2016, and own nearly a six-time attending clients than the beginning. All Sheng Long’s achievements of today can hardly succeed without the supports and trusts from the agents throughout the country as well as the striving devotion from our staff.


During the conference, General Manager of Sheng Long International, Mr. Jie Cheng Chuang has analyzed the Vietnamese economic and aquaculture conditions at present, and inferred the prices for shrimp, fish and raw materials in first half of 2018. Other than the operating performance conclusion of 2017, he also revealed the developing plan for 2018 and the determined sales goal of 360 thousand tons for feed, 1.5 billion aquatic fry and 5 million USD of animal health products in 2020.


Sheng Long’s plan in 2018 is emphasized on the launching of Tilapia cultivating model. Cheerful results have obtained after application for the model in the company and some farms in the nation. With the high growth rate of Sheng Long’s fry and the density of 4 tails/m2, the fish can achieve 450g/tail after 3 and a half month of cultivation, while reach 1kg/tail after 6 months, along with the salinity adaptability from 0-25 ppt. Besides from selling the feed, providing fry, Sheng Long also purchase the fish for processing and exporting. We are exporting Tilapia, Snakehead, Climbing Perch and other fishes currently to Europe, UK, Italy and Middle-Eastern countries. Hence, the company can help with the fish purchasing only they are free from antibiotics.

This year, “Conquering the Apex of Sheng Long” is the theme of the conference. In retrospect the difficulties Sheng Long and the agents came through together and the mutual development over the past 6 years, the company deeply appreciated the supports and trusts that given. We hope to extend the endorsement from our agents and breaking the records, conquering the apex of ourselves as well as striking the sale goal of 360 thousand tons with joint hands next year.

Unforgettable memories engraved by each celebration are unique. Except for the fascinating opening show presented by our employees, we have also invited the famous female singer Van Khanh to our Gala Dinner. Her beauty and sweetness in both appearance and voice has immediately climaxed the atmosphere.




Finally, the conference was ended with the satisfaction and the supporting declaration towards Sheng Long from the agents.

  Moving forward with Sheng Long, Cashing in Tomorrow