Sheng Long Bio-Tech (Vietnam)

 Sheng Long Bio-tech International Co., Ltd is a 100% foreign owned investment Company specialized in manufacturing and marketing of aquatic feeds and animal health product as well as shrimp breeding. Founded in 2003, Sheng Long Bio-tech International Co., Ltd has been developing commendably in team reorganization, advance quality management and rebuilding brands and distribution networks. With advantages in clear strategy allocation, technology research and development, premium quality and excellent service, the company has built considerable reputation and influence in the market. Demands for our aquatic feed has exceeded the supply currently, resulting in a sale of aquatic feed over 240,000 tons in 2017.

  At present, Sheng Long (Vietnam) has already invested 2 feed mills in Long An and Khan Hoa provinces, and 1 feed mill construction under progress expected to be finished in 2018; Besides, the company owns 2 shrimp hatcheries as well as 1 Tilapia hatchery in NinhThuan, TienGiang and SocTrang province respectively; The production facility includes 11 lines for pelleting shrimp feed and 3 lines for extruded fish feed, with an annual capacity of 300,000 metric tons. The hatcheries can supply 2 billion shrimp PL and 200 million Tilapia fry to the market yearly.